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WHC Haikuforum Renku Seminar 2000
The renku seminar given by Paul MacNeil from February - July 2000 on WHChaikuforum. Lessons are essay-style, and were followed through wit a shisan and kasen renku.

  World Haiku Review WHCrenku Columns

  • Vol 1 Iss 1 May 2001  Paul MacNeil, Editor

  • Vol 1 Iss 2 Aug  2001 Paul MacNeil, Editor

  • Vol 1 Iss 3  Nov 2001 Paul MacNeil, Editor

  • Vol 2 Iss 1 Mar 2002 Paul MacNeil, Editor

World Haiku Review Essays

  • A Few More Words About Symbiotic Poetry Werner Reichhold

  • Renku Scrabble - Rules of Play, a Proposal  John Stevenson

  • Symbiotic Hope Eiko Yachimoto

  • Alchemy of Live Renku Christopher Herold

  • English Grammar: Variety in Renku Ferris Gilli

  • Some Japanese Poetic Terms Explained Susumu Takiguchi

  • A Brief Introduction to Renku Composition John E.Carley